News: Chancellor

Whitehorse, Yukon – Yukon University announces the conclusion of Jamena (James Allen)'s tenure as Chancellor. Allen's tenure will be remembered for his commitment to community engagement, as well as cultural and educational advancement in the Yukon. Allen served as Chancellor in transition as Yukon College became Yukon University.

“This University is very unique,” said Allen, “we’ve had input from all Yukoners, both First Nations people as well as non-Indigenous people, launched this all encompassing project called Yukon University. We have laid the foundation and the direction of this institution going forward. “

Even before his tenure as Chancellor, James Allen’s leadership was pivotal in creating the Executive Development program which later became the Indigenous Governance degree program. Celebrating six (6) graduates this year, this program has room to grow and will continue to support the educational aspirations for Indigenous self-determination.

WHITEHORSE, YT—The Board of Governors at Yukon University has reappointed Jamena James Allen as University Chancellor for a further two-year term.  
“I’m honoured to continue serving Yukoners, students, faculty and staff in this way,” said Allen. 

WHITEHORSE, YT—Audrey McLaughlin and Daka Dave Joe received the first two honorary Yukon University degrees today from Chancellor Allen at his installation ceremony.

At a socially distanced event, held in the Innovation Commons at Ayamdigut Campus, a small group of 20 people gathered in-person, to celebrate this occasion while many more joined via Zoom.

Yukon University Board of Governors chair presided as the University bid farewell to Chancellor Piers McDonald and the chain of office was passed onto Jamena James Allen.


Then, as his first official duty, Chancellor Allen conferred the honorary Yukon University Bachelor of Arts to McLaughlin and Joe.