UPDATED AUG 17: YukonU prepares for return to campus this fall 

**UPDATED AUG 17: Effective immediately, masks must be worn by all persons present on all YukonU campuses. Masks are required in all hallways and public areas, as well as in all classrooms or meeting rooms where physical distancing is not possible. Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to comply or leave the premises. 


WHITEHORSE--Yukon University students can expect many of their fall semester classes at Ayamdigut campus in Whitehorse to be in-person this September. Student support services will continue to be available both in-person and virtually.  

“The health, safety and well-being of our students and employees is always top of mind. Thanks to the care and consideration of the entire YukonU community, we’ve avoided a COVID-19 outbreak in our campuses. And we’ve paid close attention to the Yukon’s recent outbreak over the past two months,” said Dr. Maggie Matear, interim president and vice chancellor.  

“Given Yukon’s current vaccination status for adults (85% for first shots and 77% for second shots), the time is right for us all to return to campus. We’re still working closely with Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to achieve this and will follow all CMOH guidelines as we welcome back staff and students. 

“Each campus is an important hub for learning, support and engagement in its community, and we know that the drastic reduction of in-person interactions that COVID-19 caused has been challenging. We look forward to our campuses becoming energetic, lively places for everyone once more,” added Dr. Matear. 

After 16 months of working entirely or partially from home, faculty and staff will return to campuses on August 4 to prepare to welcome students and the public as of September 3rd. 

“This coming year, we anticipate transitioning back to pre-pandemic levels of engagement and interaction, but we also know that COVID restrictions may ebb and flow from time to time. Masks won't be mandatory after August 04,** (see Aug. 17 update above) but  we ask everyone to continue doing their part to keep themselves, our communities and loved ones safe. That includes following the guidelines of the CMOH, and staying home if sick or symptomatic,” said Dr. Matear.  

Orientation Day is Friday, September 3. First day of classes is Tuesday, September 7. 

We encourage students to check YukonU.ca regularly for updates on fall planning. Students can also contact Connect2YukonU with questions, or to learn about supports to prepare for the fall.