Preparation tips & arrival info

Travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic will impact international students who choose to travel to Canada. Learn more about the requirements for international travel.

Yukon University would like to welcome you to the Canadian North.  We look forward to meeting you and learning about your culture and home country.  We hope that you will enjoy learning about our diverse Canadian / Yukon cultures, and that you will have a fantastic experience studying at Yukon University. 

Here is some information that will help you prepare for and have a pleasant and safe Yukon University experience.


The realities of globalization and growing international interdependence are prompting educational changes in terms of what is being taught and how it is being taught in educational institutions around the world.  Schools, colleges, institutes and universities are increasingly committing themselves to developing the international dimension of their classrooms and communities.  Already Yukoners have experienced and taken part in internationalization efforts, including:

  • Forging friendships between Yukoners and international students, faculty and staff that foster good-will and understanding with people from social and economic classes around the world.
  • Developing internationally and interculturally competent graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work and live in today's interdependent world.
  • Broadening the educational experience for students at home and abroad to consider more than one or two cultural approaches to business, trades, the arts and all programming.
  • Enhancing the quality of education and research and bringing inter-cultural innovation into education and training.


Temperatures in Whitehorse vary significantly from season to season.  Summer temperatures range from 15-30 degrees celsius. Winter temperatures can range from -5 to an extreme cold of -40 degrees celsius.  The most suitable winter clothing can be purchased or rented in Whitehorse.  There are many outdoor winter activities that students may want to participate in such as skiing or snowboarding.  Proper winter clothing is necessary to enjoy these activities and to stay safe. Warm clothing is also important, so that you enjoy your time in the Yukon. Indoors however, it's very warm all year round.

Suggested summer clothes:

  • Shorts, t-shirts, sandals, swim wear, rain jacket/pants, hat
  • Fleece or wool jacket, long sleeve shirts, sweater, long pants
  • Comfortable shoes for active wear, jeans
  • hiking boots (there are many wild places to explore on foot)

Suggested winter clothes:

  • Dawn or Gortex jacket or insulated jacket/coat
  • Nylon or insulated pants
  • Loose fitting long pants, wool sweater or fleece jacket
  • Winter gloves or mitts, wool hat or touque
  • Wool scarf, insulated winter boots, wool socks
  • Winter underwear (long underwear in wool, silk or other material good for cold weather)


Important! Bring your medicine and prescriptions from home.  Students must have medical insurance coverage while studying in Canada. It is mandatory for all full-time international students to purchase our group health insurance through Yukon University. You will be asked to pay for your insurance when you register for courses. Annual fee is $565 between September and August. This policy is for your protection.


You can open your bank account once you arrive in Canada and transfer funds from your home country. To do so, you will be required to show your passport, proof of study at Yukon University and a credit card.

Please prepare to bring a credit card or have sufficient funds to pay for at least the first month of all the necessary fees including Technology fee, Student Union fee, Activity fee, textbooks, medical insurance, food, accommodation and etc.


You will be invited to our International Student Orientation once you arrive.  The orientation assists students in learning about life in Whitehorse and how to get the most out of your time at Yukon University.


Whitehorse offers Bahai’, Buddhist, Christian, Evangelical, Russian Orthodox, and several other religious services.


There are numerous indoor and outdoor facilities in Whitehorse to keep you busy and active.  The city of Whitehorse hosted the Canada Winter Games in 2007 where Canada’s young athletes competed in world-class sport venues – all located in Whitehorse.  The city recently built an indoor multi-sport facility that includes a swimming pool, ice rinks, playing fields and a running track.  The outdoor environment provides endless opportunities for walking, hiking, and biking, as well as rivers and lakes for water sports. For winter activities, a ski/snow boarding centre and a cross country ski centre are popular locations.  Click here for more ideas about things to do.


A bus pass costs $62.00 Canadian per month. A single fare is $2.50. 

A bicycle program is available in the summer for $100. You’ll receive a refund of  $50 when you return the bike in September.  The extended light in summer makes bicycling around Whitehorse enjoyable at all hours. 
Some students choose to travel by car.  If you are new to the Yukon Territory and have an International Driver's License or a driver's license from your home country, you are required to get a driver’s license  within 120 days of arriving.