Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

Yukon University's Teaching & Learning team works in collaboration with faculty colleagues to support the quality, inclusivity, and relevance of teaching and learning at Yukon University.  We support faculty, courses and programs in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Faculty development and support
  • Course design and renewal
  • Program development and review 
  • Educational technology selection and integration

If you are a current YukonU faculty or staff member, we encourage you to visit our Teaching & Learning HUB (SharePoint site) for a more complete list of supports, resources, and upcoming events. 


Supports for Faculty

Our team supports faculty through one-on-one coaching, small-group facilitation, and formal workshops. If you’d like to book a session or have questions about which option is best suited to your needs, please email Teaching and Learning.


Do you have questions about course formats, pedagogical approaches, assessment strategies, student engagement, open educational resources, educational technologies? Whatever your question, Teaching and Learning is available for one-on-one or group support.


Teaching and Learning offers the following workshops. If you are interested in a particular session, please contact us to be notified the next time it is offered. If the support you’re looking for isn’t listed below, Teaching and Learning is always available to chat and offer one-on-one support. We happily accept requests from programs, schools, or other groups of instructors interested in tailored sessions.

New Instructor Orientation (half day, in-person): 

New and new-ish instructors are invited to join us for this half-day workshop where, as a group, we’ll explore ideas and supports for successful teaching and learning in our unique Yukon context. Specifically, we’ll examine the following questions:     

  • Who are you, and how does this impact your teaching?    
  • Who are your students and what will engage them?    
  • What does effective teaching and learning at YukonU look like?    
  • What supports, strategies and tools are available to you and your students?  

Course Design Intensive (3-4 days, in-person):  

If you’re developing a new course or making major changes to an existing course, we encourage you to attend this collaborative, four-day intensive workshop which will provide time, space, guidance and support as you:  

  • Develop or revise your course learning outcomes and map course content  
  • Explore delivery modes, assessments and teaching strategies to identify approaches that align with your course outcomes and context  
  • Consult with representatives from First Nations Initiatives and the Learning Assistance Centre to discuss reconciliation and accessibility, respectively 

Rapid Course (re)Design (90 mins, in-person or online): 

This short, workshop-style event will take you through a fun and engaging rapid course mapping process. It is collaborative, hands-on and specifically focused on adapting your course learning activities to both suit your teaching style and meet the needs of your learners. You will leave this high-energy 90-minute session with a visual ‘map’ of your course and an ‘action plan’ to help you get a head start on your course planning.  

Course Design and Renewal

In addition to the Workshops listed above, Teaching and Learning can support anything from one-off questions to full course design projects. We can help with:  

  • Analyzing your course context  
  • Writing learning outcomes 
  • Developing your course outline  
  • Designing and aligning learning assessments 
  • Identifying appropriate delivery formats and teaching strategies 
  • Exploring student engagement strategies 
  • Using or developing open educational resources 
  • Reviewing your course for accessibility  

Contact us to let us know what kind of help you’re looking for.  

Program Development and Review

Teaching and Learning works collaboratively with Faculty and Schools to create and develop high-value learning experiences. If you’re developing a new program we can help with: 

  • Analyzing program context  
  • Developing and articulating a clear vision for your program
  • Drafting program goals and objectives 
  • Identifying appropriate instructional methods and pedagogies
  • Program mapping (courses, external standards) 

Teaching and Learning is available to support and contribute to program review and renewal projects by: 

  • Facilitating discussions to identify priorities for the review or renewal project 
  • Supporting the development of a meaningful self-study and action plan 
  • Identifying program teaching and learning practices and pedagogies 
  • Supporting data collection related to a program's teaching and learning objectives, practices and outcomes 
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the self-study and action plan 
  • Supporting Institutional Research and Planning by contributing to survey development, facilitating focus groups, or analyzing institutional data 
  • Assisting with and supporting the implementation of the action plan 

Contact us with questions or to get started! 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) has at its core the goal of improving student learning. This is achieved through scholarly inquiry about learning, about teaching, and about how to best make public the resulting findings (SoTL Canada website, 2021).  

The Teaching and Learnign team supports faculty engaging in continuous improvement through SoTL and other forms of scholarship, inquiry, and reflection. Please contact us if you have a project idea - big, small or simply a budding curiosity - that you want to explore further.  


 Educational technologies

Below you will find training, guides and resources related to Moodle, Zoom, Panopto - the core educational technologies we use at Yukon University. For information on how to access and set up these tools contact the IT Helpdesk. Teaching and Learning is here to support you to make the most of these educational technologies in your teaching practice.

Moodle LogoMoodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) we use at Yukon University. It allows instructors to create an online course space to share resources and learning activities with students. All credit courses at Yukon University will have an automatically generated Moodle course site. Yukon University is using Moodle version 3.11.

Moodle training and resources: 

  • Check out our curated Moodle Orientation Playlist for short videos explaining each of the key features of Moodle for YukonU instructors (opens in YouTube)

Moodle Docs provides comprehensive documentation and how-to guides for Moodle's features and tools.  Some of the guides that can be found there are: 

Faculty and staff with an active YukonU account can also access the following training resources: 


For help with creating and setting up a Sandbox course, check out the documents available in the resource section below or contact the IT HelpDesk

Need Support or Assistance?

If you would like to discuss the specific tools that best meet your teaching needs, contact Teaching & Learning.  If you require assistance implementing and setting up tools or if you are having technical difficulties please contact the IT HelpDesk.


zoom logo Zoom is the video conferencing tool available for teaching at Yukon University. The software offers robust functionality to support a variety of teaching and learning activities.  You might be interested in Zoom for a variety of reasons: 

  • Teaching “synchronous” (live) online courses, which can include lectures, whole-class discussions, breakout groups, and other activities
  • Hosting online office hours   
  • Bringing in a guest speaker
  • Recording a short video/lecture to post on your Moodle course page
  • Capturing and recording online class sessions
  • Teaching multi-site courses (teaching face-to-face + remote learners simultaneously) 

Every instructor scheduled to teach an online or multi-site course will be assigned a Zoom license for the duration of their class. Only people who host meetings/classes require a license.  Anyone who is invited to a meeting (up to 100 participants) will be able to join without a Zoom license.  

Training and resources: 

panopto logo

Panopto is the video creation and editing application we use at Yukon University. It is also where you can store your course recordings, including recordings made in Zoom. You might be interested in Panopto for a variety of reasons: 
  • Recording a short video/lecture to post online
  • Sharing a recorded video to your Moodle course page
  • Editing videos

Advantages of recording lectures in Panopto: 

  • Save time: Recordings can progressively upload to our Panopto channel, which can easily be added to your Moodle course page using the green Panopto button. 
  • If you record with "capture PowerPoint" all content from your slides will be indexed and searchable by students from the online Panopto viewer. 
  • You can make the videos available to your students to download if you want. 
  • Videos are more private in Panopto than YouTube. 

Training and Resources 

If you'd like to chat about using videos to meet your pedagogical goals, including engagement, accessibility and relevance, please reach out to our team. If you are having technical problems with Panopto, please contact the IT helpdesk.



Teaching and Learning HUB

YukonU's central location for instructor focused supports and resources.

(Note: you will need a YukonU account to access the T&L HUB).

Open Educational Resources

Find information about open educational resources such as open textbooks, open courses, images, Creative Commons, and more.