Learning strategies

Learning Assistance Centre

Learning Strategies

Welcome to Learning Strategies, located in the Learning Assistance Centre at Ayamdigut Campus, Whitehorse. 

The learning strategy instructor offers a range of services to help you develop the personal learning and study habits needed to meet the academic challenges faced during your studies. Our experienced Learning Strategist provides study tips and strategies to support academic success for students in any program.

We can help with:

  • Establishing healthy study habits to increase productivity
  • Provide techniques and tips to optimize your time during class and outside of your University studies
  • Assignment review and preparation
  • Learning styles assessment
  • Developing a personalized study and assignment calendar
  • Learning and applying techniques to reduce test and exam anxiety
  • Connecting students to other services within Yukon University

Our Learning Strategist is available to provide individualized or small group coaching to help students enhance their learning and manage the demands of being a student.