Student Union

Student Union

The Yukon University Undergraduate Student Union is here for you. We are the voice of undergraduate students and we are concerned with their interests and issues.

Have a concern or an idea? What you want is what we want. So, let us know what’s important to you! Email us or get in touch through our Facebook Page.

What do we do?

The objectives of the Union shall be to provide representation, leadership, advocacy and direction for student affairs through an elected Executive Council as set down in the by-laws of the Union. The Union works to enhance student life in the following areas including but not limited to academic, cultural, environmental, social, extracurricular and athletic activities and to provide positive relations between students, administration, faculty, and staff of Yukon University and its network of community campuses.The Yukon University Undergraduate Student Union is ensconced in legislation via the amended Yukon University Act and is incorporated under the Societies Act.

All students registered in credit programs at the Ayamdigut campus pay a Student Union fee.  

Executives & Directors
Term to January 2025 Executive Council


Vice President Internal

Vice President External

Vice President Finance

Vice President Student Life

Vice President Administration

Student Senators (2 positions)
Chris-Lin Hvatum
Ezra Baker