Perspectives series

A group of Perspectives Series panelists

A series of panel discussions exploring the history of Yukon’s unique approach to self-government and land claims featuring the people actually at the table. Produced in partnership between Yukon College and Government of Yukon.

Together Today For Our Children Tomorrow
Jan. 30, 2018

Judy Gingell and Sam Johnston talk with moderator Brian MacDonald about developing the historic position paper Together Today For Our Children Tomorrow, traveling to Ottawa in 1973 and presenting it to then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau and minister of Indian Affairs Jean Chretien. Thus, kick-starting the negotiation process for a modern-day treaty, the first in Canada. (Recorded by Shakat Media)

The Umbrella Final Agreement
Sept. 26, 2018

Negotiators Albert Peter, Victor Mitander and Barry Stuart join moderator Tosh Southwick to recall the negotiations and spirit and intent of the Umbrella Final Agreement signed in 1993 between Canada, Yukon and Yukon First Nations. (Recorded by Shakat Media)

Forging Their Own Path
Oct. 24, 2018

Former chiefs Hammond Dick of the Ross River Dena Council and David Johnny Sr. of the White River First Nation join moderator Angela Code to talk about the reasons for forging a path towards self-determination outside of the Umbrella Final Agreement by their First Nations. (Recorded by Shakat Media)

A Seat At The Table
Jan. 16, 2019

Margaret Commodore, Bill Webber and Charlie Eikland join moderator Victor Mitander to talk about the creation and work of the Yukon Association of Non-Status Indians (YANSI) and their struggle for equal representation during negotiations for self-government. (Recorded by Shakat Media)