YukonU students study campus foxes 

decommissioning trail camera

YukonU students studied wildlife management with the help of campus foxes. Benjamin Prince and Brittany Au created a fox management plan for Ayamdigut campus as one of their projects in the Renewable Resources Management program.  

The students installed trail cameras in various locations on campus to better understand how foxes use the area. Once they discovered that foxes frequent the garbage bins, Ben designed a fur trap to practice canid fur identification and differentiation. Despite his research, design efforts, and construction, the fur traps were not successful in collecting fur; but successful in teaching students about trial and error. 

However, the students did collect the YukonU staff and faculty’s values and opinions on campus foxes through a survey that was sent by email. The results showed that the majority highly value fox sightings on campus and are happy with the management of attractants on campus; foxes may frequent the garbage cans but do not access the contents. 

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Photo caption: YukonU student, Benjamin Prince, decommissions trail camera at the end of the fox study.