We have compiled 18 years of Yukon climate change work!

compendium 2021

Our climate change research team has just released this year’s climate change compendium in partnership with Government of Yukon’s Climate Change Secretariat.   

These reports make climate change knowledge accessible. They highlight key findings and relevance to Yukon, making it easy for decision-makers and organizations to consider climate change in their programs.    

The compendium includes content that is related to climate change and its impacts on Yukon’s physical landscape, plants and animals, economy, lifestyles, health, food security, hazards, and other related topics. It also includes content related to greenhouse gas emissions, carbon and methane release, energy consumption, and other climate change mitigation issues.  

These compendiums are published through the Climate Change Information and Mainstreaming Program. The most recent compendium was compiled by summer student, Yukon University graduate, Daniel Jolkowski. A special thanks to our PhD candidate and climate change researcher, Alison Perrin, for working on these compendiums for the past 8 years.