RSOC 375 - Public Participation and Conflict Resolution

The anatomy of environmental and resource management conflict is examined through a lens of critical sociological theory and deliberative democracy. Focusing on contemporary case studies of conflict in energy production, forestry, conservation and protected areas management, social practices and strategies for conflict resolution are explored.

In some fall terms, this course is delivered as a cross-list with the YukonU course FNGA 301 Theory and Practice of Negotiation. For more information on FNGA 301 course content, visit:

Registration in RSOC 375 is restricted to students in the B.Sc. in Environmental and Conservation Sciences program. Non-B.Sc. ENCS students interested in taking RSOC 375 should contact the ENCS Program Advisor, Dr. Katie Aitken, at, for registration information, or register in FNGA 301.

RSOC 375
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