FNGA 301 - Theory and Practice of Negotiation

This course will introduce students to theoretical concepts about negotiation, together with practical applications of these concepts. Emphasis will be placed on an interest-based approach to negotiation, and understanding this approach within the broader theoretical context. Class discussions and assignments will focus on negotiations in a Yukon governance context (First Nations, Territorial, Federal) using common examples (Financial Transfer Agreements, Impact Benefit Agreements, funding grants, etc.). First Nations cultural approaches to negotiations and dispute resolution will be explored, along with tools for improving cross-cultural awareness in negotiation situations. The role of mediation in resolving disputes will be considered, including its place in the Yukon Umbrella Final Agreement.

Prerequsites: ENGL 100 and FNGA 101 and one of FNGA 209 or FNGA 200 or LEAD 292 or COMM 200.

This is a second‐year course and expectations are set accordingly. Students are assumed to have taken other university‐level courses in addition to the named prerequisites. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites may be admissable with permission.

FNGA 301
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