JUST CE96 - Addictions and Mental Illness - Working with Co-Occurring Disorders

This training is offered in partnership with the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI) and is one of their courses. Registration for this course will be made through the CTRI online system. TO REGISTER PLEASE VISIT ca.ctrinstitute.com.

CTRI is located in Winnipeg and delivers training in the Yukon and across Canada.

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Many people who struggle with mental illness also struggle with an addiction. Recovery from both of these issues is complicated because they affect each other and are intertwined. Helpers may often be at a loss for where to start – did the addiction cause the mental illness, did the mental illness cause the addiction, or is there something else leading to both? This workshop provides a framework for working systemically with both issues at the same time. Participants will explore the impact of both addiction and mental illness, be provided with an overview of the theoretical frameworks for working with both issues, and learn how to integrate strategies in a way that supports health and change.

Some of the Topics Included:

The Links Between Mental Illness and Addiction
Statistics: Impact and Nature of the Problem
The Impact of Helper Beliefs and Assumptions
Barriers to Assessment and Treatment
Getting to Know the Person Outside of the Problem
Assessing for Co-Occurring Disorders
Intervention Strategies for Co-occurring Disorders
Safety and Harm Reduction Planning
Emotional Regulation Strategies
Goal Setting and Collaborative Intervention


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