JUST CE94 - Survival Skills for the Spouse/Partner of a First Responder

Are you the spouse or partner of a first responder such as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, emergency dispatcher, etc.? If you are, does this relationship come with a special set of challenges based on the occupation of your spouse or partner? Does being the spouse or partner of the first responder come with a guide-book for helping when that person has been exposed to a traumatic event?

As the spouse or partner of the first responder you will be expected to be the number one support person in that person’s life when they come home from their next critical incident. Survival Skills for the First Responder – for Spouse/Partner is a three-hour evening session designed to give you the skills to support your first responder spouse or partner while emphasizing the importance of your own self-care. This session will give you a chance to gain insight from other spouses and partners and their experiences with these events; and to ask questions about what you can do to provide care and support for your spouse or partner.

Instructor: Michael Swainson


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