JUST 039 - Survival Skills for the First Responder

Are you a first responder or frontline worker in a related occupation in health, justice, safety or other fields? Working on the frontline may expose you to critical incidents over the course of your career.

Survival Skills for the First Responder is a 1-day awareness course developed and delivered by Michael Swainson, a former first responder in the Yukon who has trained extensively with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; the West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat (California). Drawing on his experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), he has identified a set of practical skills that may contribute to a healthy work/life balance. Awareness of PTSD and maintaining a healthy work/life balance may be keys to thriving as a first responder.

This course opens with some basic questions about the role and world of a first responder, and the potential impact of a critical incident or repeated critical incidents, which may lead to post-traumatic stress or PTSD. The course focuses on survival skills. The intent is that participants will leave the session with an awareness of the need to look after themselves and with some practical survival skills. This is an interactive course that includes presentation of information and three exercises.

This course may also be of interest to the spouse or partner of a first responder.

This course is intended to raise awareness and provide basic information; it is not intended to provide counselling or treatment.

Instructor: Michael Swainson


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