Minto Explorations joins Yukon University’s Northern Mine Remediation Consortium 

Minto mine site

Yukon University welcomes Minto Explorations to the Northern Mine Remediation program’s Yukon Mining Research Consortium. Minto Explorations will be the seventh industrial partner to join the Consortium and the first member operating an active mine in the Territory.  

YukonU’s Northern Mine Remediation program is a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair program dedicated to solving northern mining challenges as identified by the local industrial partners. The Consortium has directed the Chair, Dr. Guillaume Nielsen, to focus the research program on passive water treatment technologies, mine waste management, mine revegetation, and community engagement.  

“We are pleased to include Minto Explorations in the Yukon Mining Research Consortium and will continue to provide research results that will help our industrial partners make informed decisions within a northern context,” said Dr. Guillaume Nielsen, NSERC Chair in Northern Mine Remediation, Yukon University. “Research in northern mine remediation is limited and we continue to fill this gap by providing independent research from our team who range from YukonU students to PhD candidates”.  

Each member of the consortium contributes  funding over the next four years until the program renewal in 2024. There are currently eight research projects underway including mine revegetation research with Yukon First Nations and local residents, and a new project under design that will explore nitrate removal of mine impacted water. 

“We are proud to be a part of a locally based consortium supporting northern mining and the Yukon University.  The research program will provide valuable information to Minto, the mining community, and create environmental sustainability and ongoing partnerships,” said Sebastien D. Tolgyesi, General Manager, Minto Explorations.  

The Northern Mine Remediation program has operated since 2019 and has overseen 8 research projects. The research program engages with Yukon First Nations to include traditional knowledge in each research project.  

The Yukon Mining Research Consortium is made up of seven industrial research partners that include: Newmont Corporation, BMC Minerals Ltd., Victoria Gold Corp., Casino Mining Corp., Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd. Alexco Resource Corp., and Minto Explorations. The Northern Mine Remediation program is one of the research programs at the YukonU Research Centre and is one of three Research Chair positions held at Yukon University. The others include the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation, and the Research Chair in Permafrost and Geoscience. 

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About Minto Explorations Ltd. 
Minto Explorations is a Yukon based mining company that operates a copper and gold underground mine located 240 kilometers north of Whitehorse along the Klondike Highway.  Minto recommenced operations in 2019 and continues to ramp up production.  Minto is owned by Copper Holdings LLC, Cedro Holdings I, LLC and Pembridge Resources plc. 



For more information, please contact

Dr. Guillaume Nielsen

Industrial Research Chair

Northern Mine Remediation
YukonU Research Centre

Tracy Dormer 
Director, HR & Camp Operations 
Minto Explorations  
604 759 4640