Congratulations, you've been accepted!

Once your application has been processed successfully, you’ll receive a Letter of Acceptance. This means you are admitted to the program but not yet registered for your courses.

Your Letter of Acceptance confirms your eligibility to register for courses in that program. Only course registration AND payment of tuition and related fees guarantees your seat. 

Follow the steps below to complete your enrolment:

1. Register for courses

Students are encouraged to register early as enrolment in most courses is limited and courses may fill before the end of the registration period.

Learn more about registering for courses

2. Apply for financial support

As a Canadian student, you may be eligible for a number of scholarships, bursaries, awards, loans and grants. Email Financial Aid or call 867 668 5209 for more information on applying.

Be sure to apply early to maximize your chances of receiving student financial support!

3. Apply for Campus Housing

Jump right into the university experience by living in Campus Housing. It’s a great way to meet new people, be close to on-campus activities, and focus in a study-oriented environment.

Learn more about living on campus

4. Attend orientation

Before classes start, attend our September or January Orientation sessions. We’ll officially welcome you to the University and give you all the information you need to be a happy and successful student.


Email or call 867 668 8720 or 1 800 661 0504. We're happy to help!

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Email us or call 867 668 8710 or 1 800 661 0504.

International students: visit YukonU International to learn more international student enrolment.