YukonU is currently developing an Indigenization Strategy based on an authentic foundation of understanding and honouring Yukon First Nations cultures, languages, heritages, knowledge systems and worldviews. 

The Indigenization Strategy is meant to serve as a guiding document for the University, informed by First Nation priorities and desires at the post-secondary level to support the needs of Yukon First Nations. The University is working towards nurturing a culture of deep listening, dialogue, and respectful engagement, and would like to hear from you on how we can meaningfully improve programs, services, research, spaces and approaches around First Nations education. It’s fundamental that our plans and goals are rooted in community priorities. 

We invite you to share all thoughts you have on the future of post-secondary education in the Yukon. 

You can: 

  • Share stories, thoughts, letters, photographs, videos, artwork and more by: 
    • Visiting the YukonU campus in your community
    • Emailing us
    • Mailing submissions to Yukon University c/o FNI 982 Third Ave. Dawson City, YT Y0B1G0 
  • Set up a phone or Zoom meeting to speak with us one-on-one.

Stay tuned for your local community engagement session! 

Questions for consideration

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, advice or suggestions on what Indigenization at YukonU means to you. The following questions are for consideration as we start the dialogue, and are not meant to be exhaustive: 

  • What does "Indigenization" at Yukon University mean to you? 
  • How can YukonU protect, honour and promote First Nations cultures, heritages, languages, knowledge systems and worldviews through reconciliation? 
  • What kind of programs, services or experiences would you like to see at Yukon University?
Timeline of events leading up to Indigenization strategy