Strategic Plan

YukonU’s path toward 2026: Strategic Plan 2021-2026

In spring 2020, Yukon College officially became Yukon University in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone everywhere, YukonU adapted to the changes required by this global event, while maintaining focus on the long-term needs and aspirations of the University community and Yukon.

Our current Strategic Plan expires this year. The Yukon University Board of Governors has embarked on a process to both reflect on the institution’s achievements and consider the pathways forward. As the University continues its evolution over the next few years, the Board is inviting input from the public, the University community, our partners and stakeholders into its priorities.

How can you participate?

An online survey is open until March 5, 2021 for everyone interested in Yukon University and its future.

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The Strategic Planning Process
Due to COVID, the consultations and planning will be via digital tools.

Phase 1 (Internal): December 2020 to January 2021

Board of Governors develops initial evaluation of the Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Reflect on strategic priorities, strength and weaknesses as well as externally driven opportunities and threats.

Phase 2 (Public): February to April 2021

Public online survey

Invitational roundtables (digital video conferences) and in-depth interviews with First Nations governments, organizations and individuals, partners and stakeholders, faculty and staff, as well as students.

Phase 3 (Synthesis): April 2021

Analysis and synthesis of findings and insights to guide the Board’s planning work.

Phase 4 (Planning): May-July 2021

Board of Governors reviews findings and develops strategic directions, goals and objectives for the next five years.

The Board of Governors has contracted Yukon-based Strategic Moves to gather input from the public as well as the University community, partners and other stakeholders and support the creation of a five-year YukonU Strategic Plan.

For more information, please contact:

Inga Petri, CAIP
Strategic Moves
Whitehorse, Yukon 
613 558 8433 (mobile; Canada-wide)

2016 to 2021 Strategic Plan

The 2016 to 2021 Yukon College Strategic Plan supported our transition from college to university. Consultation was conducted via email survey in 2016 (173 responses), querying possible revisions and updates to the previous plan.


Yukon College is a leader in education, rooted in our diverse cultures and northern environment, where everyone is inspired to dream, learn and achieve.


Grounded in northern expertise and strong partnerships, we will build a healthy and prosperous north through unique, relevant and inclusive education and research.

The 2016-2021 strategic plan identifies five strategic directions, each with specific goals. Download the 2016-21 Strategic Plan publication