Northern Mine Remediation

Yukon University's NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Mine Remediation leads applied research projects that address challenges facing the northern mining industry.

This research program supports the development of new evidence-based approaches to northern mine development and operations, and supports mining companies as they navigate the environmental assessment process and operate mines in northern Canada. Areas of expertise are:

  • passive treatments;
  • tailing management; and
  • mine revegetation

Learn more about our projects here.

Industry & academic partnerships

Our industry partners, known collectively as the Yukon Mining Research Consortium, include Newmont Corporation, BMC Minerals Ltd., Victoria Gold Corp., Casino Mining Corp., Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd., and Alexco Resource Corp.

Our academic partners across the country help us ensure we build a successful, collaborative research team. Engaging students and faculty, we work with Yukon's mine-impacted and First Nations communities to reduce barriers between science and decision-making.

Northern Mine Remediation works with YukonU's Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining that provides innovative and flexible training and research for Yukon's mining industry.