Yukon revegetation manual

The 2013 Yukon Revegetation Manual describes methods for planning and implementing revegetation projects in Yukon. It takes a practical approach based on experience with various methodologies and plant species that have proven to be successful in the territory over the past three decades. The Manual was designed to address a range of revegetation sites and applications, from borrow pits and mine sites, to highway right-of-ways, transmission lines, and pipeline corridors.

It was written as an update of Guidelines for Reclamation/Revegetation in the Yukon originally published in 1993 (Vol. 1) and 1996 (Vol. 2). Since the 1993 guidelines were written, a number of plant species it recommended have turned out to be commercially unavailable, while others were ineffective in Yukon conditions, and a few turned out to be invasive. The current manual uses a more site-specific approach, because experience has shown that the geographic location of a revegetation project in Yukon is less critical than other aspects of the site, such as slope, elevation, soil fertility, soil moisture, soil organic content and level of disturbance, and it takes a “how-to” approach by explaining methods and equipment in detail.

The Yukon Research Centre administered the funding for this project on behalf of the Mining and Petroleum Environment Research Group.

The manual is ready to use and can be downloaded here (47MB PDF). 

Project Team

Authors: Paul Matheus and Toos Omtzigt

Clint Sawicki, Associate Vice President, Research Operations, Yukon Research Centre


Mining and Petroleum Environment Research Group

Yucan Environmental Planning


Mining and Petroleum Environment Research Group