Yukon knowledge sector survey

The survey of Yukon’s Knowledge Sector aimed to identify:

  •  Why knowledge workers live in the Yukon
  •  The size and profile of Yukon’s Knowledge Sector
  •  Success factors and barriers to future growth
  •  Measures to promote Yukon’s Knowledge Sector

60 Yukon Knowledge Workers from the private sector who export at least some of their services outside Yukon were interviewed. These included: authors, lawyers, consultants, engineers, IT specialists, governance experts, scientists, graphics designers, and web-marketers. The quantitative and qualitative results of these interviews were then analyzed and graphed, with the support of Nvivo software. Work on the final report is in progress and will be completed by the end of August. The project will conclude in mid-September with a final presentation of the survey results.

The results of the survey were used to examine how to better market and develop the Yukon Knowledge Sector and how we can improve networking opportunities within the sector. Future outcomes will have the potential to benefit Yukon College and the Yukon Research Centre (YRC) by:

• Enhancing research, innovation and commercialization
• Enhancing YRC’s role as a networking platform
• Informing Yukon College about courses and professional development for knowledge workers, plus teaching opportunities sharing their expertise.

Project Team
  • Stefan Voswinkel, Project Manager
  • Rhiannon Klein, Research Assistant
Project Partners
  • Yukon Research Centre
  • Stefan Voswinkel, principal at Ylynx Management Consulting Inc
Project Funders
  • CanNor
  • Yukon Department of Economic Development, Yukon Government 
  • Yukon College