Workshop: Seed Collection For Mine Revegetation

Are you interested in learning how to collect native seeds that aid in mine restoration?

Meet Krystal Isbister, Ph.D candidate at YukonU and UoA to learn about techniques and methods that may be used in this type of revegetation project.

Workshop schedule

Day 1: 

- Introductions

- Why collect seeds from native plants?

- Seed biology and adaptations

- Locating seed sources

- Plant ID and voucher specimen collection

- Mapping exercise

- Create a seed collection form

- Reflect and Feedback

Day 2: 

- Introductions and reflections

- Review why collect seeds

- Types of fruit (seeds) and seed dispersal

- Field form

- Assessing seed collection sites

- Assessing seed ripeness

- Seed collection techniques

- Collect!

- Reflect and Feedback

Day 3: 

- Introductions and reflections

- Review why collect seeds

- Benefits of banking seeds

- Seed storage basics

- Seed cleaning techniques

- Seed storage techniques

- Reflect and feedback

Project team and funders


Dr. Guillaume Nielsen, IDR Northern Mine Remediation

Krystal Isbister, Ph.D. Student, YukonU and UAlberta 


Denacho Environmental