Compendium of metal uptake in plants growing on mine sites in Yukon

A large body of literature exists on the potential for different plant species to uptake different metals into their tissues. This literature serves to inform researchers when they are on mine-sites in the North, however it has not been ground-truthed in the North where environmental conditions are different.

Project Description

This project aimed to compile data on metals uptake in different plant species on mine sites around the Yukon, and create one comprehensive resource for all of this data. This way researchers in the North would be able to reference this data to have a clearer idea of what metals uptake may look like in different species on mine sites in the North, to aid in their decision-making when assessing a site or preparing remediation plans.

A Microsoft Access database was created containing data from X different reports of research around the Yukon, and an associated compendium of research/summary was made to present the data in an alternate form. Queries to the database should allow researchers to compare metals uptake data from studies in the South to data acquired on-site, here in the Yukon.


Project team and funders
Amelie Janin, NSERC Industrial Research Chair 
Patrick Soprovich, Research Assistant 
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Yukon Mine Research Consortium (YMRC): Alexco Environmental Group, Capstone Mining Corp, Casino Mining Corp, Selwyn Chihong Ltd. and Victoria Gold Corp