Health Research Information Tool

YSPOR is developing a data repository tool that highlights the health and wellness-related research that is happening in the Territory. The tool will provide a central location where researchers and the public can learn about what topics are being researched, who is conducting the research, the research results, and what the findings mean to Yukoners. Having an accessible tool will promote health research that is interdisciplinary and relevant to the unique context of the Yukon. This project will also support Yukoners who want to learn more about their health and the innovative health research happening in the Territory. 

Project description

Currently, health and wellness-related research in the Yukon exists in multiple silos, including within governments, multiple universities, and non-governmental organizations. Similarly, the findings of this research are stored in different databases with variable degrees of accessibility. Creating a data repository tool with all health-related research will help researchers identify gaps, find collaborators, avoid unnecessary replication, and mobilize knowledge.  

For the general public, the repository will provide access to evidence-based health findings and opportunities to participate in research. The importance of health and science literacy for all has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Transparency in science, particularly as it relates to health, will help rebuild trust between health experts and the general public. 

The first phase of this project will involve a review of the ASTIS database, the publications of NGOs, and open access journals. The information extracted will include which health topics are being researched, who is conducting the research, in what format the results are disseminated, how the results are publicized, the level of accessibility of the research, and its relevance to Yukoners. Learning from the accessibility of research included in the review, a format for the repository will be recommended. The second and final phase will see the development of a digital repository and its release to the public.

Learn more about this research on the YSPOR website.

Project team

Dr. Michelle Leach, Scientific Director, YukonU Research Centre, YSPOR
Kate Andre, Operations Manager, YukonU Research Centre, YSPOR 
Anna Billowits, Community Research Liaison, YukonU Research Centre, YSPOR 
Yabo Seid, Junior Public Health Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada 

Partners and funders

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 
Public Health Agency of Canada