Air source heat pump pilot project

ASHP Control boardGovernment of Yukon has commissioned Northern Energy Innovation (NEI) to provide technical support in the analysis of several air source heat pumps that have been installed in Whitehorse as part of a pilot project.

NEI's role in this project is to clean, organize and analyze sensor data from each heat pump to assist Government of Yukon in determining the in-use coefficient of performance for each heat pump. NEI will develop a program that will allow Yukon government employees to quickly analyze each heat pump's performance. NEI will provide training in the tools necessary to complete these analyses and provide technical support and report writing assistance throughout the duration of the project.

Project team

Dr. Michael RossIndustrial Research Chair, Northern Energy Innovation
Matt Ooms, Senior Research Professional

Patrick Giles, Project Lead, Research Analyst

Joe Collier, Project Coordinator


Government of Yukon