Win-Win climate change adaptation: Creating a natural fire break north of Teslin

Aspen forestTeslin Tlingit Council, Yukon University, and the Government of Yukon are working together to understand how to quickly transform the forest north of Teslin to less flammable plant species to mitigate wildfire risk to the community while making timber accessible for woodcutters and meeting community preferences for plants of interest to be grown in the area.

Project description

Led by Teslin Tlingit Council, we are working together to implement the Teslin North Timber Harvest Plan and the Wildfire Protection Plan while also conducting research on plants species that are less flammable and plants of interest to the Teslin community. Project objectives are to:

  • make it easier for woodcutters to get timber from the area
  • learn more about how to reduce spruce and pine while promoting growth of less flammable aspen and birch through test plots
  • learn what local people want to see the forest look like and test plant other plants that local people want to harvest (e.g., berries and medicinal plants)
  • engage the community in developing this natural firebreak through seed collection workshops, test planting, and other aspects of the project
Project team

Dorothy Cooley, Lands & Resources Planning Manager, Teslin Tlingit Council

Jennifer Clark, Natural Resource Manager, Teslin Tlingit Council

Jill Johnstone, Research Associate, YukonU Research Centre, Yukon University

Alison Perrin, Senior Research Professional, YukonU Research Centre, Yukon University

Preetinder Dhillon, Research Assistant, YukonU Research Centre, Yukon University

Jennifer Sharp, Fuels Management Forester, Wildland Fire Management, Government of Yukon

Luc Bibeau, Manager Prevention and Mitigation, Wildland Fire Management, Government of Yukon

Jennifer Russell, Operations Manager, Forest Management Branch, Government of Yukon

Darrin Sinclair, Development Forester, Forest Management Branch, Government of Yukon

Eric Schroff, Consultant, Forest Management Branch

Partners and funders


  • Teslin Tlingit Council (Project Lead)
  • Wildland Fire Management, Community Services, Government of Yukon
  • Forest Management Branch, Energy Mines Resources, Government of Yukon


  • Polar Knowledge Canada
  • Teslin Tlingit Council