Environmental Protection and Impact Assessment Course, Winter 2017


Environmental and socio-economic effects assessment ensures that the effects of development activities are considered before they happen and that significant adverse effects will be mitigated. Dr. Amelie Janin, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Mine Life Cycle at Yukon College taught this course over the Winter 2017. Through discussions with a series of guest speakers and with the instructor, the students were tasked to reflect on the environmental assessment process in Yukon and to write short essays. The essays have been compiled under one document, which you can find here.

Project overview

Environmental assessment in the Yukon is multifaceted. The goal of RRMT 238 is to give students a well-rounded perspective on the many players and their roles in the assessment process. This includes the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board, the Yukon Water Board, The Yukon Government, First Nations governments, consulting companies, industry proponents, and non-governmental organizations. Students were asked to summarize the role of an organization and discuss the challenges and opportunities of environmental assessment based on information provided during class and by invited speakers. The results are compiled in the following document. In addition, they were challenged to suggest improvements to the environmental assessment process in the Yukon.

Project team and funders
Amalie Janin, NSERC Industrial Research Chair 
Students from RRMT 238/RENR 307
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Yukon Mine Research Consortium (YMRC): Alexco Environmental Group, Capstone Mining Corp, Casino Mining Corp, Selwyn Chihong Ltd. and Victoria Gold Corp