Accelerating community energy transformation

Northern Energy Innovation is working with the University of Victoria and other universities and stakeholders across Canada on a multi-disciplinary initiative to enable the rapid adoption of technology and policy promoting the transition of clean energy within Canada’s remote communities.

Project description

This project is part of a national initiative, led by the University of Victoria, called the Accelerating Community Energy Transformation project. The project will take a community-driven approach, in which communities will define their energy, economic and social needs. Researchers and industry partners will help to identify pathways to achieve these goals. These pathways will be technical, economic and social in nature. Northern Energy Innovation will contribute technical expertise, in addition to their experiences working with many remote communities across Canada’s north.

Project team

Dr. Michael Ross, Program Lead, Industrial Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation, YukonU Research Centre
Joe Collier, Project Manager, Northern Energy Innovation, YukonU Research Centre

Partners and funders

University of Victoria (funder/project lead) 
Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF)

Vuntut Gwitchin Government (partner)

ATCO Electric Yukon (partner) 
Yukon Energy Corporation (partner)

Government of Yukon (partner)