Yukon Outreach Climatologist

winter sceneYukon University’s Outreach Climatologist supports educators in the territory by developing and delivering curriculum-focused climate change education.

Project description

The Outreach Climatologist is devoted to developing and delivering learning modules that integrate into Yukon’s existing curriculum to support teachers in facilitating a clear understanding of the central issues surrounding climate change knowledge, adaptation, and mitigation. Learning modules are defined as any resource, material, or training that can benefit/be used by educators and students across Yukon to increase/improve climate change knowledge such as: lesson plans, reading materials, resources, activities, guest lectures, audiovisual materials, and workshops for educators based on needs and capacity. Material may focus on climate change science, impacts, solutions, policies, communication, health, and resilience and include Indigenous Knowledge of climate change, reconciliation, and local context.

The Outreach Climatologist works within the Climate Change Research team at the YukonU Reseach Centre and is a 4-year funded project beginning in spring 2023.

For the first year of the project, the Outreach Climatologist will work with a small group of educators in Whitehorse in order to pilot content, ideas, workshops, and projects. Work in other Yukon communities is planned for the following years of the project.

How to use this resource

Are you a Yukon educator who wants to integrate and increase climate change education into your classroom, but don't know how or don’t have the capacity? Send us an email and we can discuss what we may be able to do for you!

Project team

Project Lead, Dr. Ellorie McKnight, Outreach Climatologist, Climate Change Research, YukonU Research Centre

Alison Perrin, Senior Research Professional, Climate Change Research, YukonU Research Centre


Environment and Climate Change Canada (Government of Canada) – Climate Action and Awareness Fund