Climate risk mapping for Government of Yukon building assets

Ice breaking up in Dawson

Buildings are susceptible to environmental hazards within the context of a changing climate. In an effort to better understand climate related risks, and to increase the ability to mitigate these risks, the Energy Management Unit (EMU) with the Government of Yukon (YG), Department of Highways and Public Works has expressed interest in gathering information and tools to inform asset management planning. To address this need, YukonU Research Centre has compiled available environmental hazard information, including geological, flood, and wildfire hazards. These were correlated with YG building assets.

As deliverables, YukonU created GIS layers, community maps showing YG building assets with hazard rating overlays, data tables of assets and hazards, and a report detailing the methods, data sources, and map outputs for the project.

The maps and data were created in an accessible and adaptable format so that they may be updated and/or adapted in the future.

Project team

Christina MacNeil, Student Research Assistant, Climate Change Research, YukonU Research Centre

Stephanie Saal, Research Professional, Climate Change Research, YukonU Research Centre

Partners and funders

Energy Management Unit, Government of Yukon, Highways and Public Works (funder)