The Yukon biodiversity working group - annual forum

The Biodiversity Working Group is a non-government open-membership group of those involved in ongoing biodiversity assessment and monitoring projects throughout the Yukon. The vision is in four basic parts:

  • To foster partnerships and networking, -- including coordinated contribution to national and local initiatives relative to the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy; 
  • To deliver public education on biodiversity issues;
  • To provide  coordination among field researchers promoting long term data bases on key focal species;
  • To integrate local traditional knowledge into on-going field data gathering processes.
Project Overview

The forum is designed as a single-day annual event. The purpose is to give an opportunity for a broad cross section of exposure to current field projects that relate to biodiversity assessment and monitoring in the Yukon.  A day for community members and researchers to share information and foster partnerships, learn about Yukon plants, animals and special habitats as well as to identify knowledge gaps and species or habitats that need monitoring.

The sessions are open to all with an interest in Yukon biodiversity, its assessment, monitoring and conservation.

Project Team

Dave Mossop

Biology Instructor, Professor Emeritus

School of Science


Bruce Bennett
Yukon Conservation Data Centre,
Department of Environment, Government of Yukon


School of Science, Yukon University

Government of Yukon, (Fish and Wildlife, Parks, Heritage) 

Yukon Council of First Nations

Canadian Wildlife Service

Ducks Unlimited (Canada)

Yukon Bird Club

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Arctic Institute of North America


Yukon Science Institute

Yukon University

By donation:  Ducks Unlimited, Government of Yukon's Department of Environment, Yukon Bird Club