Native seed bank in the Yukon - State of the art

The revegetation needs in the Yukon are projected to grow in the next few years as new mining projects go through the environmental assessment process, and plans for the revegetation of large-scale abandoned mines begin to take shape. The revegetation strategies and needs vary within the Yukon, but when dispersing seed or using seedlings the use of native species that are locally produced is considered best practice. The lack of a clear source for this type of material was indicated as a barrier for the implementation of these best practices in the Yukon. To explore this topic further, industry, consultants, and experts involved in seed collection, sourcing, and propagation initiatives were interviewed. This report is based on those interviews, and examines the state of revegetation in the Yukon, current options for native seed sourcing, and potential future options that would increase access to native seeds in the territory. These options include the development of seed collection, banking and propagation initiatives. Several case studies are included, both covering local initiatives and initiatives in other jurisdictions that are relevant to the Yukon and could be used as a model for local seed and plant sourcing initiatives.

Project Team

Nina Vogt

Amelie Janin