Tri-Agency funding

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), referred to as Tri-Agency, are federal government granting agencies entrusted with managing public funds to enable and support a world class, Canadian research enterprise.  They support and promote high-quality research in a wide variety of disciplines and areas and are a primary mechanism through which the Government of Canada supports research and training at post-secondary institutions.

  • CIHR    – health research
  • NSERC – research in natural sciences or engineering
  • SSHRC – research and research training in humanities and social sciences


Grant recipients are responsible for using grant or award funds in accordance with the policies of the Agencies, including the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA).  The guide is applicable to CIHR, NSERC and/or SSHRC grants, unless specified otherwise in the program/funding opportunity literature and any relevant agency agreements, including terms and conditions of the grant.  Compliance with TAGFA is a condition of applying for, holding, or administering agency grant funds.

The TAGFA is principles-based and promotes efficiencies, reduces administrative burden, and provides greater flexibility to administering institutions and grant recipients in ensuring the appropriate accountability and use of grant funds.

View the  Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions

Use of Grant Funds

Grant recipients must:

  • Conduct their research in a manner that adheres to the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research (2016)
  • Hold the authority to use the grant funds in accordance with the Agencies’ principles and directives as outlined in this guide
  • Delegate to others their authority to use the grant funds (grant recipient only)
  • Authorize grant expenditures and any charges or adjustments made to the grant recipient’s grant account (grant recipient or duly delegated individual only)
  • Use grant or award funds in accordance with the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA) and Yukon Universities guiding policies and procedures where applicable.


Expenses must meet the 4 principles: