Workplace Readiness (not accepting applications)

Identify your own strengths, overcome employment barriers and develop professionally to be employment ready!

You’ll have the opportunity to explore seven different employment sectors, while gaining computer and numeracy skills. You can also participate in a work placement to gain experience. 

Program overview

Workplace Readiness programs are designed to help students develop their essential skills such as reading, writing, math and speaking to help them get a job or continue on to further training. Academic skills are taught together with workplace skills in the course topic area.

Essential skills are the necessary foundation for learning all other skills and are needed for work, learning and life.

The nine essential skills are:

  1. reading
  2. writing
  3. document use
  4. numeracy
  5. computer use
  6. thinking
  7. oral communication
  8. working with others
  9. continuous learning

More information about essential skills can be found on the Employment and Social Development Canada website.

Admission requirements

Students must meet with a program advisor before admission to the program. A University reading assessment is required.

Intake appointment

Please phone to make an appointment to meet with an instructor to further discuss program content and expectations. Appointments can be conducted over the phone.

General outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Show improved essential skills including, reading, writing and math.
  • Show improved self-awareness and personal development.
  • Perform job-related tasks as required by class projects and work placements.
  • Solve workplace numeracy problems using basic math skills.
  • Create and organize a personal or vocational portfolio.
Money matters
  • Course Fee $513
  • Activity Fee $300
Course dates

Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm

Textbooks and required material

Students will require a binder, loose leaf paper, dividers, pencils, and pens. Some textbooks will be required. A trades-based project may require safety equipment. A list will be provided at registration time. Most supplies can be purchased through the Yukon University Campus Store.