First Nations Leadership Training

First Nations drumming

This course is ideal for newly-elected and appointed officials as well as established officials who are considering taking on new leadership roles within their governments. It is designed to provide you, as a community leader, with a basic grounding in governance and public administration, as well as the tools to apply leadership skills in your work.

Program description

First Nations Leadership Training (FNLT) is a collection of five integrated courses designed to provide Yukon First Nation leaders, either elected, appointed, or future, with a basic grounding in governance and public administration. The top priority of the program is to help prepare these officials for their roles as government leaders and community advocates.

Each course within the FNLT program involves approximately eight hours of instruction.

The program was created in partnership between Yukon First Nations, Yukon University, and the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development to meet the needs of Self-Governing First Nations in the Yukon.

The program has several delivery options:

Contracted Training
  • Yukon University will work with the First Nation to deliver the program to its governing body in the First Nation's traditional territory. The materials and documents used will be tailored to the individual First Nation, and main topic areas will be given more or less priority to better reflect the needs and challenges the FN government currently faces. Suitable for current leadership groups.

  • Yukon University will work with the First Nation first to tailor and then to deliver the program to its governing body in the First Nation's traditional territory. The materials and documents used will be tailored to the individual First Nation, and the entire curriculum can be tailored and customized to address the needs and challenges that the FN government currently faces. Each course can be fully modified, fully customized, and/or greatly expanded, including additional days or topics added, depending on the First Nation's requests. Suitable for current leadership groups.

Fees for this program vary based on delivery method. Please contact the program advisor for more information.

Course Delivery

The emphasis in course delivery is on flexibility and responsiveness to the requirements of Yukon First Nations. Yukon University is committed to working with individual First Nations to deliver instructional materials in the manner best suited to their needs. Yukon University is also committed to improving access to this program by offering training in communities.

Course delivery is varied and may include lectures, seminars, presentations, group discussions, hands-on document use, and other participatory activities. Guest speakers and current and past First Nations leaders may come in to share personal experiences and contribute additional perspectives.

Program Highlights
  • Unique course offerings based on Final and Self-Government Agreements tailored specifically to the needs of individual Yukon First Nations.
  • Provides essential skills and knowledge directly relevant to the administration of Yukon First Nations governments.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers provide participants with practical advice on the challenges of government leadership.
  • Course materials provide participants with a foundation of knowledge and experience from which to pursue more advanced studies.
  • Hands-on instruction with key legal and administrative documents.
  • Flexible course delivery determined in consultation with individual First Nations.
Admission requirements

Participants who would be interested in the First Nations Leadership Training program include:

  • Currently elected or appointed members of a First Nation government (contracted training).
  • Current directors, board appointees, or committee members looking to develop their personal leadership skills in the context of First Nation governance.
Money matters

Please contact First Nations Initiatives for fee information.