Core Competencies for First Line Supervisors

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Supervisors at Yukon mining and exploration projects must hold a First Line Supervisor’s Certificate to comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. The Core Competencies for First Line Supervisors online course is required to apply for this certification.

According to Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations Section 15.11

  • Any supervisor at an underground mine, project or mining plant shall hold a first line supervisor's certificate.
  • Any person who supervises workers at a surface mine or project shall hold a first line supervisor's certificate

               (a)   where there are 12 or more workers employed, or

               (b)   where there are less than 12 workers, and the director considers that conditions warrant the need.

Program description

The Core Competencies for First Line Supervisors course is an online program that provides students with the knowledge to comply with applicable health and safety legislation, to consistently apply appropriate operating procedures and to demonstrate a level of performance that meets industry standards.

Source: Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Admission requirements

Applicants must possess the following prerequisites:

  • Current Standard First Aid Certification with CPR-A/C or equivalent
  • Two years of experience in the industry in which you will be supervising
    •  For renewal: six months experience in the past five years
  • Possess work experience in one of the following mining industries:
    • underground
    • surface mining
    • placer mining
    • mineral exploration
Application and certification process

Download and complete the Core Competencies First Line Supervisor Course application form. Please email your completed application form.

Please note: The “Core Competencies for First Line Supervisors” course is part of the certification process overseen by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB). The YWCHSB website provides information about the FLS certification process.


Processing timeline

Applications for the First Line Supervisor (FLS) online course will be processed within three to five business days. Qualified applicants will receive login information via email. The online course can be accessed for six months after the registration confirmation is delivered to the participant.

Appointments for FLS exams need to be booked in advance. While exams can usually be booked with three to five days’ notice, longer wait periods may apply. We recommend to plan for your FLS exam well in advance to avoid extended wait times.

Money matters

The First Line Supervisor course fee is $195. The renewal fee is $40.

Both fees are non-refundable.