Dual credit - for Yukon secondary school students

Still a Yukon high school student? Dual credit allows you to take two university courses per year, tuition free.

You’ll earn credit that can be put towards a Yukon University program or transferred to other post-secondary institutions in Canada. Plus credit courses count towards high school graduation requirements.

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Program description

What is dual credit?

A dual credit program allows secondary students to take post-secondary courses while they are still in high school. Dual credit students may also receive elective credit towards their high school graduation which they'll need to confirm with their high school.

How many courses can I take?

Throughout grades 11 and 12 students may take up to a total of four dual credit courses.

Which courses are eligible for dual credit?

Any undergraduate level Yukon University course that is part of the British Columbia Council on Admission and Transfer (BCCAT) system is eligible for dual credit. Students can determine if an undergraduate course is included in BCCAT by clicking the “check BC transfer options” on each course page. Visit the BC Transfer Guide’s website  where you can search which other post-secondary institutes in BC that will accept your course(s).

Do Yukon University courses transfer to post-secondary institutes outside of British Columbia?

Yes, Yukon University also has transfer agreements with Alberta. Our courses have also been accepted at a number of institutions across Canada and the United States. 

Questions? For more information please email our Future Student team.