WO CE74 - Cross Connection/Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification

This course is composed of evening sessions for 4 days followed by written and practical exams on the 5th day. This 9-hour recertification course meets the requirements of the BCWWA recertification guidelines and provides existing certified testers the opportunity to ensure they are up to date with the latest testing procedures and are familiar with AWWA Canadian Cross Connection test requirements and plumbing codes. The course is followed by the recertification written and practical exams.

Agenda items include:

AWWA Canadian Tester Certification policies
AWWA Canadian Manual
Current Testing Procedures: RPB, DCV, PVB and SVB
New Test forms and common errors
Review CSA B64
BC Plumbing / Building Code
Basic Troubleshooting Concepts
Local Bylaws & other Relevant news
Final Exam - Every five (5) years, before your recertification due date, you must register for and pass a recertification exam in order to maintain your backflow assembly tester accreditation. Upon successfully passing the exam BCWWA will provide Backflow Assembly Tester Certification. Exam is composed of:

50 multiple choice questions (requires 75 % to pass)
Practical demonstration of ability to test valves as listed above
**NOTE: Registration for the exam is separate, please go to www.bcwwa.org to register for the exam**

This course is recommended for those who are coming up to their 5 year recertification due date for their current BCWWA BFA Tester Certification.

Accepted for 0.9 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WD, WT, SWS, BWD, WWC, WWT, SWWS

Provider: Maintenance Training Systems Inc. (MTS)

This course is typically offered every 2 years at Ayamdigut.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots.

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled