WO CE72 - Managing for Climate Change Impacts on Water and Wastewater Systems

Canada's climate has changed from historical conditions, namely a global increase in temperature over the last century. This temperature increase is occurring twice as fast in the circumpolar region. Impacts of this warming are already affecting many aspects of daily life. Buildings and public infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, water and wastewater systems, energy transmission and transit, were built and regulated by codes and standards that were largely developed based on historical data from relatively predicable long-term trends. Today, with increasing severity and more frequent weather events, infrastructure built in the past are already or will in the near future, become less operational and require increased maintenance. The urgent need to adapt and build resilience is evident. There is ever increasing risk to buildings and public infrastructure, from interruptions and even failure from a changing climate. By association, there is also increasing risk and hazards to private property and the well-being of people. Investments in long-standing infrastructure, including retrofits and upgrades, as well as capitalizing in green infrastructure as solutions can help communities build resilience, reduce disaster risks, and save costs over the long term.

This two-day course provides students with an overview of climate change and its impacts that specifically threaten their water and wastewater infrastructure. The course will support students in identifying the vulnerabilities they are facing and present proactive tools and solutions.
This course features an expert guest speaker, case studies and group activities.

This course is especially recommended for water and wastewater operators and system owners, and is relevant to designers, health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water and wastewater.

Accepted for 1.2 CEUs by EOCP as Related for WD, WT, SWS, WWC, WWT, SWWS.

Provider: Yukon University

This course will typically be offered every 2 years at Ayamdigut and online.


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