WO CE67 - Passive Wastewater Treatment North of 60: Beyond Lagoons

This 2 day course introduces participants to the fundamentals of passive wastewater treatment and constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment. The course is focused on treatment in extreme cold climates, presenting case studies and the current state of knowledge in this field. The Subwet tool is introduced which models horizontal subsurface flow wetlands for both warm and cold climates. The participants are also introduced to operations and maintenance of wetland systems. Yukon experience with constructed wetlands and bioreactors is presented and discussed.

The course is targeted to operators working in wastewater treatment. This course is relevant to any health professional, supervisor, technician or homeowner involved with or interested in water & wastewater.

Accepted for 1.2 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WWT, SWWS and Related for WD, WT, WWC, SWS.

This course will typically be offered every 3-5 years at Ayamdigut and online.

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled