WO CE59 - Cross Connection Control Inspector

This 5 day course is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and covers aspects of managing cross connection control (CCC) program, with a primary focus on performing cross connection inspections and facility hazard assessments.

This course is ideal for CCC Program Managers, Building Officials, Engineers, Wastewater Operators with reclamation systems & Health Inspectors. The instructors are seasoned professional CCC technicians.

Agenda items include:
- Hydraulics of backflow
- Legal aspects & case studies
- Review of all applicable Codes, Standards & local Bylaws
- Methods of Isolation & determining degrees of hazards
- Facility classifications & common cross connections
- Identification & proper installation of backflow preventers (BFPs)
- General safety
- Pre-assessment preparation
- Conducting a cross connection facility inspection
- Post assessment procedures
- Cross connection control program administration
- New facility assessments
- Existing facility assessments
- Record Keeping
- Assessments will be performed and reviewed every day. Proposed facilities to assess may include:
x Gas station; Hotel mechanical room; small commercial building
x Small restaurant/pub; educational facility
x Waste water treatment plant, Swimming pool & sports complex

Attendees will be required to complete a written exam and a practical exam with a pass rate of 75 % to ensure attendees demonstrate an adequate level of subject matter competency. A Successful Completion Certificate will be issued to those who meet this requirement.

Accepted for 3.0 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WD, WT, SWS, BWD, WWC, WWT, SWWS.

Provider: Maintenance Training Systems Inc. (MTS)

This course is offered based on interest. Contact us if you are interested in this course.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots, small flashlight, a copy of CSA B64.10 (Selection and Installation of Backflow Preventers / Testing and Maintenance)

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled