WO 051 - Lagoon Design, Operation and Maintenance

This 1 day course is designed designed to provide participants with knowledge in regards to conventional wastewater treatment lagoons.

The course describes many aspects of lagoon operation that have been taken from manuals and research papers specifically oriented to lagoons in northern climates. Lagoon design is discussed in some detail, focusing on typical dimensions and sizing as well as mechanisms of contaminant removal. Lagoon operation is described so as to be beneficial to the informed operator. Maintenance aspects are also discussed, as are methods of optimizing lagoon treatment. Finally, process monitoring and safety aspects are discussed, as they are critical to every operator and visitor to a lagoon facility. This course also makes specific reference to the Wastewater Effluent Systems Regulations.

This course is especially recommended for wastewater operators and is relevant to health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water quality and wastewater treatment.

Accepted for 0.6 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WWT, SWWS and Related for WT, WD, SWS, WWC.

Provider: Yukon University

This course is offered based on interest. Contact us if you are interested in this course.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots.

WO 051
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