WO 022 - Chlorine Handling

**This course has been replaced with WO CE66 - Disinfection: Hypochlorites, Chlorine Gas, UV, Ozone and Chemical Handling. For more information go to www.yukonu.ca/programs/courses/wo-ce66**

This 5 day course provides operators with the fundamental knowledge to be able to safely use and handle chlorine gas and hypochlorite solutions.

You should take this course if you are operating or maintaining a facility that uses chlorine gas or hypochlorite solutions for disinfection purposes.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

- Understand the factors that can impact water quality, and the different methods that are used for disinfecting water, and their advantages and limitations, including filtration, aeration, UV disinfection, pH adjustment, and oxidants such as chlorine, chloramines and ozone;

- Safely apply chlorination and hypochlorination methods in your facility, including controlling for gases and residual by-products;

- Understand how to safely install, use, troubleshoot and maintain equipment for chlorination and hypochlorination;

- Calculate chlorine and hypochlorination dosages based on water distribution system demands and hydraulics;

- Understand chlorine system design principles, including engineering controls, ventilation, alarm systems, and detection instrument; and

- Understand and apply chlorine safety practices, and prepare for emergencies.

This course is especially recommended for water & wastewater operators and is relevant to health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water systems.

Accepted for 2.4 CEUs by EOCP as Core for WD, WT, WWC, WWT, SWWS, SWS, BWD.

Provider: BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA)

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots.

WO 022
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