WO 001 - Basic Small Water Systems Operations

This year we are running two courses WO001 – Basic Small Water Systems Operations and WO001L-Small Water System Operator Lab together to allow for both in-class and hands-on learning (improved learning experience). We strongly recommend students sign up for both courses, although Individual enrollment in this course is also possible.

This 6-day (20.50 hour) course, over a two-week period, is designed to prepare the participants to write their Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) exam for Small Water Systems (required by the Yukon Government Drinking Water Regulation).

This course is especially recommended for prospective Small Water Systems operators, and is relevant to health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water systems.

**Students who wish to write the associated EOCP Certification exam must apply directly with EOCP to do so, at least 3 weeks in advance. Visit eocp.ca or contact EOCP at shall@eocp.ca for information on how to apply**

Accepted for CEUs by EOCP as Core for WD, WT, SWS, BWD and Related for WWC, WWT, SWWS.

Provider: Yukon University

This course is typically offered every year at Ayamdigut and online, and is a popular choice in the communities. Contact us to organize a class in your community.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots.

WO 001
This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled