SW 469 - Social Policy

This course examines the dimensions and practical implications of social policy in the lives of Canadians. Political, economic, and cultural influences over social policy are explored, as well as the skills needed to develop social policy and its relationship with the profession of social work.

This course considers social policy as a field of study and practice for social workers; the development of social policy, as well as characteristics, functions and processes common to human service organizations and delivery systems are covered in the course. The course will present a foundation for concepts and paradigms in social policy and examine how these impacts are felt by a practicing Social Worker. A base for understanding the interaction of the values, structures, purposes, services, and policies will be provided through student reading and research as well as by resources provided by the instructor. This course explores the socio-historical, economic, ideological and institutional contexts for the development of social policy in Canada. The policy-making process as well as the role of social policy in processes of inclusion, exclusion, marginalization, and oppression will be discussed. The critical analysis of selected social policies will be emphasized.


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