POLI 330 - Indigenous Politics in Canada

This course explores the challenges and opportunities facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada today. It focuses on colonialism, capitalism, and globalization. How are Indigenous Peoples responding to challenges to and opportunities for self-determination at individual, collective, government, and Nation levels? What does activism, cultural revitalization, resurgence and reconciliation look like in the face of continued colonialism? This course puts an emphasis on issues affecting Indigenous bodies, lands, languages, cultures, and governance in Canada. Students will be asked to link broader themes to issues in the North, particularly as they relate to modern governance and self-determination.

Prerequisites: POLI 230 and PHIL 230 or FNGA 240.

This is a second‐year course and expectations are set accordingly. Students are assumed to have taken other university‐level courses in addition to the named prerequisites. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites may be admissable with permission.

POLI 330
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