PHYS 101 - Elementary Physics 1

Physics 101 is a calculus-based first-year university level physics course intended for students planning on a career in the physical sciences or engineering. Topics covered are: vectors; linear kinematics and dynamics in 2 and 3 dimensions; centre of mass; rotational kinematics and dynamics; energy and work; temperature, heat and the first law of thermodynamics; and oscillations. Labs involve quantitative physics experiments with due recognition of systematic and random errors.

Physics 101 followed by Physics 102 constitute a full course and satisfy requirements for 6 credits of first-year physics in the science degree programs at most Canadian universities.

Students must also register in the mandatory lab component of the course, PHYS 101L.

Students who have not previously completed MATH 100 are strongly encouraged to take MATH 100 in the same term as PHYS 101.

Prerequisites: MATH 12 (pre-calc) or 060, PHYS 12 or PHYS 060 or PHYS 100

PHYS 101
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