NSCI 202 - Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

This is a three-credit course in which students, with the guidance of a research supervisor, will
conduct a research project. They will gather, assemble, and analyse data in a science field related to the Northern Science program and document their findings based on an agreed upon proposal. This course is intended to serve as a practical learning experience in the field of science and to
complement core course learning. (Students taking this course may have successfully completed
NSCI 201 or equivalent. Students interested in pursuing earlier phases of preparing a research
project should register for NSCI 201.)

Participants are expected to demonstrate sound organisational skills, the ability to work independently, think critically and communicate to professional standards. Topics may cover any
field relevant to northern science. The proper gathering, interpretation, and storage of data are key
objectives and must adhere to agreed protocols and policies involved in the field of science. A
research paper or technical report in a format suitable for peer review is the objective.

NSCI 202
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