NOST 229 - Special Topics in Northern Studies

NOST 229 is a variable-topics course, designed to permit Northern Studies and other students to take advantage of the expertise of visiting scholars or professors and other-institution courses, to pilot a new course, or to enable students to engage in directed studies or guided independent research. The course content, work and examinations are gauged for a second-year student. Specific topics may require a student to have named prerequisites. Students will acquire mastery of course content through such activities as lectures, directed reading, seminar discussions, lab or field activities, student presentations, guided research, and term-paper preparation.

Winter 2024: Mental Wellness in the North (pilot)
This a new course, under development, that looks at the determinants of mental wellness in the North. As a pilot, student feedback will be sought during and after the course.

Prerequisites: None for this pilot, but coursework in the social sciences and/or Northern Studies would be helpful.
NOTE: If you have credit for a previous NOST 229 course, contact Amanda Graham for registration.

NOST 229
CRN Instructional method Instructor Location Start date Seats available*
20127 Face-to-face Synchronous Andrew Roebuck Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
Class schedule
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