LEAD 401 - Applied Northern Teamwork and Leadership

In this fourth-year capstone course, students will actively engage the leadership skills they have explored and developed in the business administration program to accomplish identified project outcomes. This experiential and team-based course will provide students with multiple extended opportunities to collectively translate ideas into action in a dynamic and challenging northern environment. These opportunities could include planning and executing an expedition, organizing a regional leadership conference, or initiating a community wellness project.

While working in teams under the guidance of faculty members, community members, mentors, project stakeholders and sponsors, students will hone their project management and consulting skills as they work through a project and produce a professional project, event or conference.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of year three core courses (LEAD 352, MKTG 300, ECDV 300, BUS 301, BUS 270, BLAW 300, LEAD 300) or permission from the School of Business and Leadership.

LEAD 401
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